Summer Days are Over

I really miss this past summer already, and I am wishing I could go back and live it all over again. I worked this past summer at New Life Ranch in Colcord, Oklahoma. My job was as a full time kitchen leader and my main job was to make sure that the dining hall was running smoothly.

That meant filling salad bars, making sure we had bread, bagels, and muffins for the toaster, and making sure that everything was cleaned. I also had to fill drink machines, ice machines, coffee machines, and basically do anything that was needed to be done out there. I had such a great time this summer serving the Lord and making sure that all of the kids and counselors had a good experience while eating in there.

It was probably the best summer of my life, and I miss everyone and everything terribly. I’m hoping to go back next summer, but who knows if I will or not?

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