Can I get a Beef Tip?

This summer at camp, New Life Ranch, I was the full time Kitchen Leader and I had to honor to serve kids and make sure they had a great experience while eating in the dining hall. Some of the food was really great, and some of the food I did not care for (fish taco night). But the one food item that took the most heat for either being really good or really bad was definitely the beef tips.

In my personal opinion I thought they were really good because it was served over a bed of rice with gravy and it was just delicious! The people on team No Beef Tips were always asking questions like What is a beef tip?, Why are y’all serving this?, and Do y’all have anything else to eat? My answers were always the same; I don’t know, I don’t know, and I don’t know.

From the beef tip craze came inside jokes, hand written calligraphy notes, and the serious question of Can I get a Beef Tip?

Beef tip day was a day that people either looked forward to like Christmas Day or revered it for its dark implications of it being a mystery meat of some sort. All we knew was that it came from a cow and it was chunky and brown. Long live Beef Tips at New Life Ranch’s dining hall because it should become a tradition in of itself. Like Miss Alice or Hook Man.


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